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Congratulations to James Bump for coming up with the winning name for our Harpsichord Naming Challenge. Thanks to all who participated - we had so many excellent names come in that it was very hard to choose.


We have selected "Oriana." A wonderful name indeed and certainly in keeping with our upcoming English concert series at the end of April. Thanks James for submitting such an appropriate and beautiful name for our harpsichord!


For those interested in the name, "Oriana" is the blending of words for gold ("Or") and the female name "Ana." It typically means "The golden one" and was a common nickname for Queen Elizabeth I. The name Oriana can be found in early music, particularly in English madrigals written for Queen Elizabeth. One in particular to enjoy is Thomas Morley's "The Triumphes of Oriana" published in 1601.



In honor of Valentine's Day, we are presenting a challenge to our friends and supporters. The Queens Consort has recently acquired our own harpsichord and are holding a naming contest! Baroque and/or musically significant names are particularly welcome, but we are open to all suggestions. Be creative! Post your name suggestions on our Facebook or Twitter pages or send us a private message at Multiple entries are welcome.


We will take name suggestions for the month of March and will announce the winner at the beginning of April. The winner will receive two complimentary tickets to a future Queens Consort performance of their choice.  We look forward to reading your entries!


MARCH UPDATE - We are still accepting name suggestions for the entire month of March.  We have already received some great names!  Keep them coming.  We will announce the winner in April.


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